George Soros and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

The Genealogy of the Conspiracy Theory:

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The “Blood Libel” targeting Jews in Europe
Protocols of the  Elders of Zion
Henry Ford and the Dearborn Independent
Father Coughlin
Nesta Webster
US Neo-Nazi Movements
Christian Identity
Lyndon LaRouche Networks (Research Affidavit on the LaRouchites)
William Lind and Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation
Anders Breivik, Terrorism, and Right-Wing Conspiracism (Citing Lind)
Trump Supporters and the “Deep State”
Leads to -> George Soros as a target

Cultural Marxism and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

 Dr. James Scaminaci:

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Chip Berlet

Mobilizing Resentment

Scripted Violence

Superhero Complex

Terrorism, Politics, Mental Illness, and Superhero Complex