Wayne LaPierre and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

Wayne LaPierre, ubër leader of the National Rifle Association, is calling the massive national marches against gun violence on Saturday March 24 the stealth work of “Gun-Hating Billionaires” and “Hollywood Elites.”

In doing so, LaPierre has blown a dog whistle of conspiracy theories which some members of the NRA will decode as a reference to a supposed Jewish menace of the philanthropy of George Soros and the Jewish bankers claimed to be the puppet masters behind Hollywood and the Democratic Party.

LaPierre, leader of the National Rifle Association, is known among most reporters as a gun rights fanatic. Due to gun-shy editors, however, LaPierre is generally portrayed in the corporate media as a defender of the Second Amendment.

There is a difference. Most hunters and target shooters support reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. LaPierre honed his ideological fanaticism based on the anti-government conspiratorialist claims of the Armed Militia movement of the 1990s.

After the Parkland shootings, LaPierre released a statement that accused “Democrats of pushing ‘socialist’ agenda in wake of Florida shooting.” Now he has added this loathsome dog whistle of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Most Americans will not see or hear the antisemitic subtext. But anyone who is studied the rhetoric of antisemitism in the English language will see it clearly.

Note that antisemitic conspiracy theories traverse from the political right to the political left in today’s media and political environment. But connect the statement by LaPierre with the attempt by Trump to hire an attorney who is a notorious conspiracist crank; and Trump’s use of conspiracy theories during his Presidential campaign.

And keep an eye of Fox News, the Der Stürmer, of US media giants to see how they cover the story as it emerges. Will LaPierre become the Julius Streicher for Trump