Background on Alt-Right and the “Third Position”

Excellent article by Ned Resnikoff, Senior Editor at Think Progress

Additional background resources linking to work at Political Research Associates

What is the Third Position?
Chip Berlet / PRA

Theocracy and White Supremacy: Behind the Culture War to Restore Traditional Values
Chip Berlet & Margaret Quigley / PRA

Some Notes on the European New Right
Margaret Quigley / PRA

Populism as Core Element of Fascism
Study paper for Right-Wing Populism in America by Chip Berlet at PRA

Right Woos Left: Populist Party, LaRouchite, & Other Neo-fascist Overtures To Progressives,
and why they must be rejected

Chip Berlet / PRA

and more material from our book: Right-Wing Populism in America:
Too Close for Comfort (note the subtitle)
See: “Third Position” pp.189, 265-270, 285. Early “Third Way” p. 83;
European New Right, pp. 83-84, 285; Alain de Benoist, 270.

Other key players: Tomislav Sunic;
Free Congress Foundation, William Lind, Breivik Manifesto, and White Nationalism;