Who Predicted Trump? Really?

With American Journalism having a research memory that at best extends back to the age of the Internet, here is a selective bibliography of serious work that anticipated the rise of a right-wing populist or proto-fascist Presidential candidate exploiting White Nationalism.

Annotations and more titles coming soon.

Clever Jumps:
Bibliography of books by George Seldes
Ernie Lazar’s Most Excellent Bibliography on the US Right
Political Research Associates Searchable Bibliography
Gigantic collection of bibliographies

—Chip Berlet: “From the KKK to the CCC to Dylann Roof:
White nationalism infuses our political ideology.”

Interview Ideas: Trump, Right-Wing Populism, and White Nationalism
—Kathleen Blee, University of Pittsburgh
—David Cunningham, Washington University (St. Louis)
—Bill Fletcher, Jr., racial justice, labor and international activist
—Gerald Horne, University of Houston
—Rory McVeigh, Notre Dame University
—Cas Mudde, University of George
—Ruby Sales, Spirit House, racial justice and human rights activist
Richard Steigmann-Gall, Kent State University

Curated Bibliography

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Whole Book (PDF version 1.35Mb)
Postscript on the 2008 Election (PDF)

Robert Altemeyer, April 20, 2010, Comment on the Tea Party Movement
Comment on the Tea Party Movement (PDF)

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Background Materials

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Early Work

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