Fascism: A Theoretical Conversation

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‘Trumping’ Democracy:
Right-Wing Populism, Fascism, and the Case for Action

by Chip Berlet

The candidacy of Donald Trump has prompted a vigorous public debate over whether or not Trump is flirting with fascism.

Some analysts suggest his political dance partner is leading him to the tune of right-wing populism. Other analysts say Trump’s marriage to fascism already has been consummated. Either way, Trump is stomping on the dance floor of democracy in a way that could collapse it into splinters.

It’s a “scary moment for those of us who seek to defend civil rights, civil liberties, and democracy itself,” warns political analyst Noam Chomsky….

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The “main contradiction” — to coin a phrase — is to recognize the debate over Trump (and Pence and Cruz–and the others) is fascinating; but no matter the position either way, the demand of integrity is to take concrete action to defend those under attack. That is the main philosophical contribution of Arendt, and the heroic response of the White Rose Society in Germany in the face of the fascist genocide. If these references seem oblique, I beg all of you to do some Internet searches. Time is short. Our tasks are clear. Stand up. Speak out. History will record if we succeed–but history judges us as to whether or not we tried to stop the juggernaut of bigoted violence–no matter what the definition. -cb

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