What is “Cultural Marxism”?

The Vast Cultural Marxism Conspiracy Theory Mobilizing Right-Wing Activism

The term “Cultural Marxism” actually refers to the Frankfurt School of Philosophy.

The term “Cultural Marxism” as used by contemporary right-wing ideologues is  a conspiracy theory spread widely by the neofascist Lyndon LaRouche organization and adopted by the US Christian Right. It then spread to the Internet.

For the US Christian Right it was a way to shift from Cold-War anticommunism to a struggle against any signs of creeping Collectivism and Moral Decay–including, Labor Unions, Big Government, Abortion Rights, and full rights for the LGBTQ Communities.

Discussion of the alleged conspiracy of “Cultural Marxism” can easily be found across a wide range of right–wing groups in the United States (Berkowitz, 2003; Jay 2010). For example, the Westerly Tea Party in 2011 had a website for ‘News of interest to and commentary by Tea Party Patriots in Westerly, RI.’ A featured text is ‘Welcome to the Machine: Cultural Marxism in Education’ (Rogér, 2010). The same text is linked to by the Abingdon/Bristol/SW Virginia Tea Party (2011). That website features this statement:

We are called racist. Hatemongers. Right wing nut–jobs. Domestic terrorists. All by our own Department of Homeland Security. We are none of those things. We don’t want to ‘fundamentally change’ America. We want to fundamentally RESTORE our country to the divinely inspired vision that our Founders fought for, risking everything. We are the Tea Party Movement. WE HAVE A LOT TO DO!!! Join us. (Abingdon/Bristol/SW Virginia Tea Party, 2011).

Over at the American Thinker website, Rogér (2010) claims that ‘to the left, cloaked within the progressive movement which has been attacking America since the early 1900s, Western society and capitalism mark the main battlefront.’ According to Rogér, within ‘progressivism hides cultural Marxism, which attacks minds not only through corrupted textbooks, but also through more insidious channels.’ Rogér continues:

Along with the philosophy of John Dewy, cultural Marxism constitutes a currency traded within the education profession. Ayers and other left–dogmatists spread the currency like a virus throughout universities, infecting teachers with Deweyism and cultural Marxism without regard for how the ideologies sicken America. Teachers carry the virus into elementary, middle, and high schools, to inoculate the children of America and guarantee the spread of a cultural disease called progressivism. (Rogér 2010)

Linda Kimball (2007), also an author at American Thinker, warned that ‘The linchpin of Cultural Marxism is cultural determinism, the parent of identity politics and group solidarity.’ Kimball then cites David Horowitz (1998) claiming, cultural determinism is ‘identity politics–the politics of radical feminism, queer revolution, and Afro–centrism–which is the basis of academic multiculturalism … a form of intellectual fascism and, insofar as it has any politics, of political fascism as well.’

Shortt (2006) warns that Cultural Marxism is part of ‘the war against Christianity in our’ public schools. Our Lady of the Rosary (2011) sees the ‘phenomena of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness as a means to undermine Christianity and Western Civilization.’

Islamophobes also use the trope of Cultural Marxism to suggest that the ‘Islamization’ of Europe and the United States will destroy Western Christian Civilization (Breivik, 2011; Buchanan, 2011; Farah, 2011; Kupelian, 2011; Mueller, 2007; Terrorism Awareness Project, 2007). Gardell (2011) Ingersoll (2011) and Posner (2011) trace a similar Christian warrior trope to Anders Breivik and his deadly terrorist rampage in Norway (Juergensmeyer 2011).

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