Biblical Prophecy & the End Times

Biblical Prophecy & the End Times are matters of belief for all Christians. For the Christian Right in the United States they play a role in support for aggressive US and Israeli military policies, the spread of illegal settlements into Palestinian land, and challenges to women’s rights, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ rights.

The theological differences among a variety of forms of Christian End Times beliefs complicate matters concerning Christian Dominionism–the idea that Christians are destined (and mandated) to control the governmental posts in the United States.

Dominionism spread when Christian Reconstructionists urged a broader range of Christians to embrace political activism no matter what their End Times calndar.

The three major sectors of Christian End Times beliefs are:

  • Postmillennialists
  • Premillennialists
  • Amillennialists/Preterists

Christian Reconstructionists are “postmillennialists” in terms of End Times beliefs. Generic Dominionists include both postmillennialists and premillennialists.

An excellent inventory of these beliefs put together by Christian activists who prefer one particular variety is at Ark Haven. While they consider beliefs that conflict with their own as forms of heresy, their research is excellent and they have strived to provide accurate and fair descriptions of the many different tendencies.

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