Antisemitic Conspiracism in the US

Understanding the relationships
linking antisemitism to conspiracism, and apocalypticism

by Chip Berlet

…to the extent that extraordinary claims require extraordinary investigations, those investigations must be true to the spirit of science. And that means highly skeptical, demanding, rigorous standards of evidence.        –Carl Sagan

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The Complete Interviews

Michael Barkun
I certainly acknowledge that there have been conspiracies. They simply don’t have the attributes of almost superhuman power and cunning that conspiracists attribute to them

Brenda E. Brasher
…apocalypticism leaves no room for ambiguity…[it] is not a disagreement, but a struggle with evil incarnate, so there is no structure for a peaceful reconciliation

G. William Domhoff
Conspiracism is a disaster for progressive people because it leads them into cynicism, convoluted thinking, and a tendency to feel it is hopeless even as they denounce the alleged conspirators

Mark Fenster
Don’t fear populism, don’t fear relatively simple ways of understanding the causes behind prevalent political issues, but don’t embrace them without understanding their downside risk

Robert Alan Goldberg
In a culture of conspiracism, opponents become traitors and enemies are stripped of their humanity

Evan Harrington
To some extent I believe that suspiciousness is part of human nature. Within the field of evolutionary psychology, researchers have attempted to link observable trends in human behavior to our distant collective evolutionary past

Sonali Kolhatkar
I think the real problem is when serious journalism is mixed in with conspiracy theory

Lee Quinby
Progressive thought falters under the weight of apocalyptic and conspiratorial thinking

Penny Rosenwasser
Antisemitism has been historically used to divert attention from the people who really make the decisions

Holly Sklar
When progressives grab onto conspiracy theories it undermines effective strategic analysis, planning and action

  1. For a detailed analysis of Right-Left alliances and conspiracism around the first Gulf War, see: Chip Berlet, Right Woos Left: Populist Party, LaRouchite, and Other Neo-fascist Overtures To Progressives, And Why They Must Be Rejected
  2. For a detailed analysis of the origins of the 4,000 Jews libel, see: and: