Ode to Trump

(Use a Talkin’ Blues cadence)
Trump suffers from TMS
Testosterone Madness Syndrome’s pest
At Trump’s rallies, shake his hand
You’re pumping up an inflated gland
Trump’s Hard Rain better not fall
Trump compares himself to Tricky Dick
and makes Mike Pence his VP pick
Women in the kitchen, gays back in closet
Pence is the Christian Right’s deposit
Trump’s Hard Rain better not fall
Trump’s slapping his phallus on the table
We have to stop him if we’re able
Trump’s nasty rhetoric provokes violence
Which corporate media tunes to silence
Democracy, freedom? We’re in trouble
Time to organize, on the double!
Trump’s Hard Rain better not fall
(apologies to Bob Dylan)

Pacifica Radio needs some bread
So write a check before we’re dead
-Chip Berlet
CC: by-nc-nd/4.0